Laboratory of Molecular Nutrition and Toxicology (Himeno Lab.)

Metallomics (2012) in press HOT Article
The article entitled “Roles of ZIP8, ZIP14, and DMT1 in transport of cadmium and manganese in mouse kidney proximal tubule cells” published in Metallomics, a journal covering the research fields related to biometals, by Dr. Fujishiro et al. was selected as a HOT Article of the issue.

Cadmium (Cd) is known as an environmental toxicant that causes renal damage in animals and humans. Dr. Fujishiro et al. in the Laboratory of Molecular Nutrition and Toxicology have been studying the role of ZIP8, a zinc transporter, in the transport of Cd and Mn. In the above-mentioned paper published in Metallomics, they proposed a hypothesis that ZIP8 plays a significant role in the accumulation of Cd in S3 segment of the proximal tubule cells in the kidney based on the observation on cultured proximal tubule cells and in situ hybridization in mouse kidney.