Institute of Pharmacognosy (Toyota Lab.)

Chem Pharm Bull (2011) 59; 480-483
The ether extract of the New Zealand liverwort Marsupidium epiphytum gave four new prenyl bibenzyl derivatives, along with a known prenyl bibenzyl derivative which has been isolated from the Ecuadorian liverwort Lethocolea glossophylla; their structures were determined by 2D NMR spectrum. The chemical constituents of Marsupidium epiphytum are very characteristic since it elaborates dihydrooxepin type and prenyl type bibenzyls. These structures are closely related to those found in Radula spp. (Radulaceae), although bibenzyls with two prenyl groups have not been isolated from the Radula spp. Although Marsupidium spp. are different from Radula spp. morphologically, the constituents are closely related. This is the first example of isolation of prenyl bibenzyl derivatives from M. epiphytum, a species which has not previously been investigated phytochemically.