Analytical Chemistry (Tanaka Lab.)


  • Prof.Dr. Yoshiyuki Tanaka
  • Dr. Katsuyuki Nakashima
  • Dr. Yoshikazu Hattori

Research project
Research of our group is mainly focused on the synthetic work of complex natural products, the development of new reactions using radical species, and the isolation and structure determination of natural products.

  1. Synthesis of a sesterterpenoid YW3699 bearing an eight-membered carbocycle using the RCM reaction.
  2. Synthesis of a sesquiterpenoid crispatanolide isolated from the liverwort and the determination of the absolute configuration.
  3. Synthesis of both enantiomers of a sesquiterpenoid bicyclohumulenone isolated from the liverwort for a perfumery usage.
  4. Development of a reductive cyclization reaction to hydrindanone, perhydronaphthalenone, perhydroguaiane, and other bicyclic systems induced by samarium diiodide.
  5. Development of a radical cyclization reaction induced by cerium ammonium nitrate and other radical inducers.
  6. Isolation and structure determination of sesquiterpenoids from Ligularia and related species collected in Hengduang Mountains area and studies on their evolution.
  7. Isolation and structure determination of the chemical constituents in Eupatorium species and studies on genetic correlations.


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