Medical pharmacology (Matsunaga Lab.)

Prof. Dr. Yoichi Matsunaga
Dr. Midori Suenaga

Research project
We interest to environmental factors preceding protein aggregation in neuronal system ,and we focused on prion protein(PrPc) and amyloid-beta proteins(Abs) .
Our study involve the mechanisms of protein aggregation with pH shifts, temperature and metal ions surrounding PrPc and Abs from monomer to precede oligomers, and a new diagnostic approach to identify the monomer and oligomers in patients’ serum.
In these process, we found a specific 8-residue peptide and a chemical compound to break protein aggregation and studying a clinical application for prion disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

Environmental factors of protein aggregation- PrPc and Abs.
Identification of responsible amino acids residues of protein aggregation.
Structural baisis of PrPc and Abs.
Diagnostics of Alzheimer’s disease using patients serum.
Breaker peptides of abnormal aggregation of PrPc and Abs .
Chemical compounds to inhibit abnormal aggregations of PrPc and Abs.
Identification of ApoE processing protease in human monocytes.

Our experiments involve a range of methods – protein chemistry, molecular biology, immunology, enzymology and cell culture. The results of this work are of both theoretical and medical interest.


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