Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Care (Ishida Lab.)

Dr. Shiro Ishida

Research projects
Research of our group is focused on the study of the adjsutment, assessment and establishment of drug usage and infomatic technology of drug interaction. Through studying, we expect to better understand the assessment of drug action for basic aspectd and clinical usage.

Basical assessment derived from the drug actions
-pharmacodynamics of drug-drug, drug-chemicals, drug-metal and drug-food
-action and mode of intracellular zinc-
-disorder of feeding and swallowing n the aging subjects and its disease-
-analysis of drug interaction using simple emulsion method-

Clinical assessment derived from the drug actions
-analysis of injectable surfactant on the cytotoxicity-
-propofol, an anesthetic possessing neuroprotective action against oxidative
stress, promotes the process of cells death induced by H2O2 in rat thymocytes-
-synergic cytotoxic action induced by simultaneous application of zinc and antifungals
(clotrimazole etc.)-
-the interaction of zinc or these derivatives with oxidative stress-
-a new insight into toxicological characteristics of drug and supplement


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