Department of Physical Chemistry (Fukuyama Lab.)

Heterocycles (2010) 81; 1571-1602.
This review focuses on the structural diversity, biological activities and synthesis of vibsane-type diterpenoids. Vibsane-type diterpenoids are considered to be rarely occurring natural products because they have been found exclusively in a few Viburnum speacies such as V. awabuki, V. odoratissimum, and V. suspensum. These diterpenoids are futher classified into 11-membered ring, 7-membered ring, and reaaranged (neovibsanin) types, and therefore, their chemical diversity forms a unique chemical library. We describe the absolute atereochemistry of the typical 11-membered ring vibsanin B and F, a variety of vibsane-type diterpenoids, the chemical correlations between the three subtypes, their biological activities, and the synthesis of vibsanin F and neovibsanin B.