Pharmacotherapy (Yamakawa Lab.)

Prof. Kazunobu Yamakawa

Dr. Yoshinori Shiobara

Dr. Shiro Ishida

Ms. Mayumi Nishiki

Research project
Since every doctor improves the prescription designs from the stereotype content to an original one based on his knowledge and experience, the contents of the prescription also to the same disease are different among doctors. The difference cannot be recognized when each prescription is compared separately, but it will become clear when statistics analysis is conducted. Thus, the statistical analysis on the contents of the prescriptions which each doctor passed to his patients may reveal his feature about prescription designs.
We developed software which was modified from so called basket analyses or association analyses. The software was applied to characterize drug use patterns of each doctor. We call the analyses a doctor’s profiling on drug use patterns. When pharmacists understand the doctor’s profiling, it is expected that they perform pharmaceutical care more properly.
We received prescript copies from 5 pharmacies in Tokushima, Kagawa, Kanagawa, and Nagano. Data on drug use of all prescripts was inputted in Access 2010, database software. Personal information, such as a name of patient, a doctor name and pharmacy name was enciphered. The manager’s permission was required of use and the input of data.the prescript copies which had been inputted to the data base were discarded after carrying out shredder processing.
It should be noted that our data base is a primary information database. Although the personal name of a doctor or a patient cannot be identified, when required for analysis, a doctor and a patient can be connected using their cryptonym. The connection is indispensable to get each doctor’s profiling.

Subjects of research

  1. The difference of pediatricians and physicians in the medication to children
  2. The characteristic of drug use patterns of orthopedics
  3. A survey of drug use patterns prescribed for the residents in Koyadaira area, a typical aging and depopulated area in Japan
  4. Comparison of drugs prescribed for diabetes patients between doctors
  5. Comparison of drugs prescribed for hypertensive patients between doctors
  6. Comparison of generic drug use between doctors
  7. The development of software for data mining which profile the drug use patterns of doctors