Public Health (Suzuki Lab.)

Prof. Dr. Shinya Suzuki
Dr. Yoshito Kadota

Research projects
Metallothionein (MT) is a low-molecular-weight,cysteine-rich metal-binding protein that play a role in the regulation of Zn and Cu homeostasis, and cell defense against heavy metal toxicity and free radical activity. We have been reported that the female MT-null mice showed higher sensitivity to high fat-diet induced obesity than wild type mice, and that primary preadipocyts (progenitor cells) derived from Mt-null mice showed higher potency in adipogenic differentiation than wild type mice. Thus we have now investigated the functions of MT on the adipogenesis involving in an adipogenesis-related gene MEST expression in fat, oxidative stress in fat, modulating effect of metal in adipogenesis. Further, the effects of exposure to endotherial reticulum (ER) stress to pregnant maternal mice on the adipogenic development and modulation of metabolic disorder in the neonates after birth are also studied.


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