Greeting from Dean

Tokushima Bunri University Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences was established in 1972 as the first private university of pharmaceutical sciences in the Chugoku-Shikoku area in Japan, and has now sent over 9,000 graduates to the society. The education philosophy of this faculty based on the “Independence and Cooperation”, which is the founding spirit of Tokushima Bunri University, has “the abundant culture and humanity by education, acquiring problem-solving skills and cultivating capable pharmacists who can contribute to society. Our goal is to contribute to people’s health and the improvement of welfare.

Excellent educational environment, the most advanced research environment and facilities are provided in our faculty. That is, we practice cutting-edge pharmaceutical education based on high-quality research levels, and developing human resources with research mind through research activities. This is because to answer social needs, a pharmacist has to put on knowledge, a skill and the humanity tightly above up to now as a specialist of medicine. Furthermore, in order to pharmacists who can contribute to medical treatment, we make improvements to the education program each year, builds a high-quality education and research system, and develops various initiatives.

Tokushima Bunri University Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences aims to acquire advanced pharmaceutical expertise and technology. I’m aiming at upbringing of the specialist of medicine who can play an active part at a broad medical site such as the humanity and improvement of problem-solving ability as a medical person. Our perposes are to develop medicine specialists who can be active in a wide range of medical situations, such as improving humanity and problem solving ability as expert of medicine.